Monday, February 15, 2010

Fortress Press has 40% off until Feb 28th

Fortress Press has a new website and 40% off until Feb 28th. What would interest you? Adela Yarbro Collins' 2007 commentary on Mark in the Hermeneia series now costs $48.00 instead of $80.00. Here's Edwin Broadhead's review of this book. All of the Hermeneia commentaries are in fact on sale. The paperback edition of Jennifer Glancy's 2002 book Slavery in Early Christianity just costs $13.80. Of this book David Deakle in ATR (2004) says:

Jennifer A. Glancy, Joseph C. Georg Professor of Religious Studies at Le Moyne College, has provided scholars with a fresh and convincing monograph on slavery in early Christianity. As both an assumption and a thesis, Glancy demonstrates that slavery in early Christianity was not essentially different from slavery in the ancient Mediterranean world. Her new approach will mandate a significant rewriting of how slaves and slaveholders were addressed in canonical and extra-canonical sources of the early Christian communities. Building upon the new emphasis on "body" imagery, Glancy has also redefined the notion oi slaves as "bodies." The language of body is more than mere metaphor in the ancient texts; it is truly corporeal in Glancy's reading of the evidence. The bodies of slaves physically served their owners in many ways that scholars have previously overlooked in early Christian communities. Glancy shows that slaves in early Christianity, as in the Mediterranean world, served as surrogates for physical torture, abuse, and especially sexual coercion and violation.

Plenty to offer for Lenten reading!

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