Thursday, October 01, 2009

Vook meets NT Greek or NT Introduction

I'm having fun imagining how Vook (book + video) would present an NT Greek or an NT Introduction text book.

For Greek, a vook could:
  • demonstrate the inflected forms of nouns and verbs thus conveying that Greek is an inflected language
  • show how the alphabet is formed and words pronounced
  • illustrate semantic worlds
  • enhance word study by illustrating e.g. oikos/oikia, a Hellenistic or Roman house or household
For an NT Introduction, a vook could:
  • Present three-dimensional maps
  • Show the journeys of Alexander the Great
  • Show archaeology of places mentioned in the New Testament including "virtual tours" of Galilee and Rome (cf. recent excavations at Portus)
  • Depict the temple in Jerusalem
  • Illustrate artefacts and material evidence including ostraka, manuscripts and papyri
As I think of other things, I'll add them.

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