Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Starting New Testament Study: Learning, Doing
Bruce Chilton and Deirdre Good
SPCK Publishing (22 Oct 2009)

Starting New Testament Study provides an introduction to the books of
the New Testament, their authors and their context for those just
beginning to study the Bible. It has an emphasis on 'learning by doing':
alongside the main narrative sweep come text boxes that introduce
readers to areas of critical scholarship, maps, timelines and questions
and exercises that encourage direct engagement with the biblical text.

This helpful and encouraging book will enable the beginning student to
start analysing New Testament texts for themselves and will develop
their confidence and skills in this area.


Jane R said...

Wow! That's what you were working on over "vacation." Mazel Tov!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Hooray! and congratulations. And I shall have to send one to my bible study group after I'm gone...

Deirdre said...

Or get copies for your next Bible Study group, RevDrMom!

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