Thursday, February 28, 2008

Peace in Kenya: Now Comes the Hard Part

This is good news.

The Nation Editorial dated 2/29 says:-

All must realise that the signing of the agreement on Wednesday is but the first step in what will be a long and delicate process. The formation of a coalition government is merely the minimum requirement for the more difficult work to follow.

The real return to peace and stability will be realised, not just with a coalition government, but with the next agenda item on the negotiations that includes comprehensive constitutional review, focusing very much on sensitive issues such as devolution, land reform, ethnic relations and establishment of a just and equitable society.

Many of those are issues we have preferred not to address since independence in the hope that they would solve themselves.

The post-election violence that threatened to send Kenya hurtling down the precipice indicated that we may have all along been living in a fools’ paradise.

The events of the past two months opened our eyes to the realisation that we can no longer continue to sweep under the carpet pressing national issues.

Now we have no choice but to confront them and to find solutions that are satisfactory to all groups in the country.

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