Sunday, September 16, 2007

Values Voters Debate on Monday Sept 17th at 6pm

Aha! Here comes the Values Voters Debate alas in Florida on Monday but maybe we can catch it somehow on line.

Here's a description:

The event: Sponsored by a range of leaders and organizations promoting traditional family values, including Phyllis Schlafly, of the Eagle Forum, Don Wildmon, of the American Family Association, Paul Weyrich, of the Free Congress Foundation and Janet Folger, of Faith2Action.

Participants: Sen. Sam Brownback, of Kansas; former Gov. Mike Huckabee, of Arkansas; U.S. Reps. Duncan Hunter, of California, Ron Paul, of Texas, and Tom Tancredo, of Colorado; and lawyer-businessman John Cox, of Illinois.

Format: Folger promised a lively, fast-paced format even though it's scheduled to last for three hours. Declining to provide many details, she said candidates would have opportunities to interject at times when opponents make statements. "You will not doze off, unlike any other debate that you've seen. I guarantee that," Folger said.

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