Friday, August 17, 2012

Richard Beard's book Lazarus is Dead on Sept 26th at 192 Books

An evening with Europa Editions
(Europa, 2012)
Wednesday, September 26th, 7PM, 192 Books

In the gospels, Jesus is described as having only one friend, and when this friend dies, Jesus does something that he does nowhere else in the Bible: he weeps. Novelist Richard Beard begins here. Mixing Biblical sources, historical detail and an infinite variety of fascinating references to music, art and literature, and abundant reserves of creative invention, Beard gives us his astonishing and amusing take on the greatest story ever told about second chances.

As children, Lazarus and Jesus were fast friends. But following a mysterious event, their friendship dwindled in early adulthood. Lazarus is Dead is set during the final period of each man's life—or, to be more precise, each man's first life. Both know the end is near, and, though they're loath to admit it, they long for reconciliation. For that to happen they will need to find reasons to believe in each other before time runs out. 

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