Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1stC BCE Roman & Celtic coins found in Jersey

BBC News reports the find on Jersey of a hoard of Roman and Celtic coins dating to the 1st C BCE. Reg Mead and Richard Miles had apparently been looking for the coins for over 30 years with metal detectors and other equipment. The Guardian reports that

The coins would have been buried at a time when Caesar was slicing his way through Gaul, and hiding treasure would have seemed a prudent move.
Olga Finch, curator of archaeology at the Jersey Museum, called it a find of international importance.
"The fact that it has been excavated archaeologically is also rare and will greatly enhance the level of information we can glean about the people who buried it. It is an amazing contribution to the study of Celtic coins. We already have a number of very important Iron Age coin hoards found in the Island, but this new addition will make Jersey a magnet for Celtic coin researchers."

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