Sunday, April 01, 2012

Codex Bezae online

Codex Bezae is online at Cambridge Digital Library at the University of Cambridge. A late fourth/early 5th Century text, it has Greek and Latin texts of parts of the NT on facing pages. The Latin text predates the text of Jerome. The texts it contains are the Gospels of Matthew, John, Luke and Mark and a single page of the last verses of 3 John in Latin only, in addition to Acts. Only the Gospel of Luke is complete. In the link, you will find a complete list of the distinctive readings of this manuscript including the longer ending of Mark 16:9-20, and the story by Jesus of a man working on the Sabbath inserted after Luke 6:4:

On that same day, seeing someone working on the Sabbath, he (Jesus) said to him, 'Man, if you know what you do, blessed are you; but if you do not know, you are cursed and a transgressor of the law.'" 

More details of textual variants found in Codex Bezae here.

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