Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Brick Presbyterian Church this Sunday

As part of a series at Brick Presbyterian Church, The Power of the Word, I'll be speaking on the implications of being created in God's Image this Sunday.

Current Series: The Power of the Word    

A three part series exploring three perspectives on how we receive the Gospel.

January 29: Found in Translation
Dr. Dale Irvin, New York Theological Seminary

Dr. Irvin will lead a discussion focusing on the implications of the Gospel being a translated text for nearly all Christians.

February 5: The Sacred and the Cinematic
Prof. Joseph Kickasola,Baylor University

Professor Kickasola will explore the many ways in which film has portrayed and conveyed the Gospel. 

February 12: Created in God's Image
Prof. Deirdre Good, General Theological Seminary

Professor Good will lead a discussion of the considerations of our Lord Jesus Christ having been incarnate in a particular time, place, race and gender. 

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