Monday, March 01, 2010

Memo to New Yorker: _Not_ "Coptic bookbinding" but coptic stitch bookbinding

This week's New Yorker in the section "On and Off the Avenue" writes on the commercial opportunities of Brooklyn "Borough Haul." It mentions Brooklyn Mercantile, "where you can pick up sewing notions or take a class in Coptic bookbinding."

Oh dear. Here are the classes offered at Brooklyn Mercantile: "The Studio at Brooklyn Mercantile offers classes for students of all ages and abilities, in basic sewing, advanced sewing, quilt-making, coptic-stitch book binding, photo-transfer projects and more." Coptic binding or chain stitch is used to sew book bindings. It is a visible stitch on the spine. Here's a demonstration:

Letter to the editor of the New Yorker to follow!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I teach those "Coptic bookbinding" classes - nice to see someone noticed there should have been a "stitch" in there! ;)

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