Monday, November 09, 2009

Open Yale Lectures: Prof Dale Martin on the New Testament

Does everyone know Open Yale Lectures? Here's a link to Prof Dale Martin's lecture series at Yale on Studying the New Testament which is a good resource. His approach is historical and critical. He's not treating the New Testament as scripture. Here's the syllabus.


Holger said...

Excellent! I have recommended Christine Hayes' lectures to my students in the past, but this is a truly welcome addition.

Holger Szesnat

LA Phantom said...

Having listened to the Dale Martin lecture series a number of times, I steered over to Stanford for a lecture series on the New Testament.

What an major aggravating disappointment!
I stopped after a couple of hours.

Dale Martin should have another series on the Historical Jesus. I'm looking forward to it.

I'd also recommend the PBS/Nova series on the Hebrew Bible with video.....inspiring and enlightening. The timeline is an eye-opener. Apparently, the Hebrew were Canaanites and the Shazu tribe

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