Friday, July 31, 2009

Odd use of Mandaean Baptism picture in the NY TImes

Robert Wright for the NY Times writes about a desire to be cleansed by being born again and baptized as a young baptist in El Paso, Texas. But the illustration for the article is given the caption "A Mandaean Sabian follower in prayer in the Tigris River after being baptized during the ceremony of the Golden Baptism" and no clarification offered in the article. At the very least, the Mandaean understanding of baptism is not the same!


Jules said...

But salvation is getting closer if Mandaeans are getting any kind of mention in the popular press, you gotta give him that!

Caminante said...

Dear Deirdre, this comment has nothing to do with your posting here but to say your father, mother and you are in my prayers as you all walk with your father's cancer. If you let me know his first name, I can put him on our prayer list. Regardless, I hold all of you in prayer. Lee

[your poignant piece in the Daily Episcopalian got me here....]

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