Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Virgin Mary Magdalene, mother of Jesus

allAfrica reports a celebration of the Feast of the Assumption:

Yaounde cathedral was full to the beam with catholic Christians who came to witness celebrations marking the ascension of the Virgin Mary Magdalene, the mother of Jesus to heaven.

A unique celebration, that is...


Julie said...

Fascinating! I wonder if it was the reporter's error, if there was something at the celebration that indicated that they were celebrating the Assumption of Mary Magdalene.

Did you notice this statement at the end of the article, "Although the Catholic community was feasting, Protestant and Pentecostal Christians were indifferent to the feast for according to them, there is no scripture in the Bible to justify the day."

While I know that we Episcopalians don't make a big deal out of the assumption, we do celebrate that day as Mary's feast day (complete with special Collect in the BCP), so it would seem that we are not entirely indifferent on that day. =)

ChessNovice said...

I think the feast illustrates the important roles played by both the Magdalene and Mary the Mother of Jesus in the development of Christianity.

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