Saturday, August 18, 2007

Our newest kitten Merlynne

After a recent birdwatching trip, we pulled over to the side of the road to get a map from the car boot (trunk). J said, "Listen! There's an unusual bird call out here." We stuck our heads out of the car to listen to a sound like "eeeuuuuu." Buzzard? Osprey inland? The Rev. Dr. Mom brightly said, "Sounds like a cat!" So we looked down and out of the grass and underbrush at the side of the road came a bedewed, all-grey manx kitten. So we took her home (after asking at nearby houses if they had any lost kittens) and here she is (and yes, we are still working on bird watching):-


bugs said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the birdwatching, pretty soon the cute little kitten will do the bird-spotting for you.

Simon Barrow said...

That *is* a cute kitten (I've also looked at Rev Dr Mom's picture). Let's hope it's not an internet addict, too... ;)

Caminante said...

Sweet feline (neat stripes on her legs) and so lucky to have been found by you. It's summer-time, time for the drop-offs, those cute kittens that flat-landers get at the beginning of summer and then realise that they can't take them back home... that's how I ended up with the third cat.

Jane R said...

What an adorable creature. Lucky you and lucky kitten.

I've just taken in a new cat -- a little older but not much. She was, the shelter says, "a baby having babies" when she showed up. She had the babies, got spayed, and is not making up for her lost adolescence. She's just the right combo of mellow and playful. And she must have known I was writing about her because here she is, rubbing her nose on the computer.

Best to you and the new fur friend!