Friday, February 09, 2007

James Graham and redemption of a gay RC concert pianist

How about some Celtic music?

James Graham sings Mo bhò dhubh mhòr, a beautiful fragment of a lost Piobaireachd which he learned from Kenna Campbell, then into a strathspey called, "Gogan a chinn mhoir," about a man called Gogan who was popular with the ladies, a reel called "S ioma' rud a chunna mi," and finally a gig, "Nighean na Cailliche Crotaiche Crubaich," about the daughter of an old humped backed woman who was inclined to be a bit of a stroppy madam!

And here's a story about the redemptive power of music in the life of one gay RC pianist with a side glance at the church's teaching on homosexuality including St. Paul from this week's Tablet.

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