Saturday, April 22, 2006

Mourning Dove Nest

Yesterday we noticed that a pair of Mourning Doves had built a nest just outside our kitchen window on the fire escape.

This morning I saw a changing of the guard as a dry parent changed places with a wet one from the morning rain. The weekend forecast is more of the same so neither will stay dry for long.

In the changeover I saw two eggs in a rather threadbare nest. The site however is somewhat protected by a window screen haphazardly balanced on the last step of the fire escape. And we offer nyger seed in our feeder from the same window so there is a fairly regular food supply. Its not half as exciting as Pale Male of course, but its a lot closer. Perhaps I'll finally be able to tell one mourning dove from another (including male from female).

1 comment:

Rev Dr Mom said...

So cool! I saw doves out on the fire escape, but I didn't see the nest. I look forward to seeing pictures of the babies.

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